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OGY currency services LTD is a financial services start-up company that specializes in the crypto-currency field (Bitcoin and other digital assets).


What is OGY Trade?

OGY currency services LTD is a financial services start-up company that specializes in the crypto-currency field (Bitcoin and other digital assets). Founded by Information security experts and service providers with 3 decades of combined experience in their fields, OGY’s mission is to provide its users with the needed confidence to enter the new economy. OGY is now in the final stage of developing a trading platform that will revolutionize the standards of crypto-currency exchanges. OGY’s exchange platform and all of its future products will be designed and built based on a combination of very strong security protocols and the highest levels of customer experience. OGY plans to build a unique combination of a strong on-line presence coupled with physical offices in important financial centers worldwide. This will have an immense impact upon the crypto-currency market, providing greater service and confidence for customers and enhanced profitability for our shareholders.

OGY Trade features:

  • Secured
  • Service Oriented
  • Fair & Transparent
  • Professional
  • Creative


Who Are We?

Yair Sappir

Information Security Specialist with a degree in Software Engineering. Previously worked at the Israeli Ministry Of Defense as a team leader of a security research, development and innovation team. With over 10 years of practical hands-on experience in the Cyber Security and Information Security fields. Yair has designed and developed state-of-the-art security tools and systems and has acquired a vast knowledge of tools, techniques and methodologies in those fields. He currently works as a Freelancer providing consultation to the Business and Defense sectors.

Or Garbash

A Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience in the IT industry including: Information Security, Cyber Security and Network engineering. Or currently works as a freelancer in the field of software engineering. As part of his work as a freelancer, Or designs and develops dedicated security systems for the business and defense sectors. Or previously served as a commander of the security team in one of the IDF's Intelligence Corps. Following his career, Or worked at a leading information security company in the position of the technical manager of the Cyber Unit and as a security engineer. As part of his role, Or managed large scale projects, designed information security methodologies, designed information security solutions and provided consultation to the business and defense sectors.

Gadi Ruschin

Has over 10 years of experience in the global trading and the service providers sector for the energy and textile fields. Ruschin owns trading offices in Shanghai, Cairo and Tel-Aviv and is a supplier for some of the biggest names in the textile industry. Gadi is also acting as a Bitcoin ambassador in the Tel-Aviv Bitcoin embassy and is very active in the Bitcoin community.


26 Hata'as St.

Kfar-saba, Israel

Tel: +972-3-6538858

Fax: +972-3-5177227