13 Feb


COLU allows fast access to Colored Coins and Bitcoin 2.0 infrastructure through an easy-to-use fast and secure API that will power the next generation of distributed applications. Our app for consumers provides secure access to our everyday purchases and experiences.


What Is Colu

Colu is developing technology to enable programmers to access colored coins and Bitcoin 2.0 infrastructure through an application program interface that will enable new distributed applications.

Basically Colu is creating a meta-data layer on top of the basic bitcoin transaction, which just records volumes or amounts of bitcoin exchanged. Using Colu, application developers can add blockchain-based approvals to any transaction enabling them to exchange more than just a virtual currency, but real world objects like keys, tickets, titles and deeds, or anything else.

Meet the founding team

 Amos Meiri, CEO  

 Mark Smargon, VP of Product  

 David Ring, VP of R&D  

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Culo website:

Facebook: Colu

Twitter: @coluplatform