06 Jul


CoinLlama is a search engine for Bitcoin prices. It allows you to find the best rates and shortest transaction times for buying Bitcoins in 13 seconds. It's like "Hipmunk for Bitcoin" and it's super cute.


The Problem:

In today's Bitcoin economy it's too confusing to answer a simple question "Where should I buy Bitcoins?". Each exchange has a different exchange rate, different transaction fees, different payment methods and different deposit fees. On top of that each exchange takes a different amount of time to deliver the Bitcoins, it all gets very confusing to compare between them.

The Solution:

CoinLlama is a Bitcoin price search engine. You enter how many Bitcoins you'd like to buy and get how much time and money it will take in each of the main Bitcoin exchanges (up to 10 currently listed). This way you can easily compare different payment methods, exchanges and take into account ALL of the fees along the way.

The Team:

CoinLlama was created by 99Bitcoins' team, led by Ofir Beigel - an online marketer and entrepreneur.

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