23 Feb

Bitrated Reputation management and consumer protection for the Bitcoin ecosystem.


What is bitrated?

Bitrated builds a layer of trust on top of blockchain technology to bring consumer protection and fraud prevention mechanisms to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Our goal is to provide cryptocurrencies with tools that enable the market to self-regulate using user reputation, smart contracts and a voluntary (but binding) arbitration process.

Key features:

  • Multi-signature smart contracts

    Bitrated's payment solution leverages multi-signature transactions to enable reversible e-commerce payments, where a trusted third party – a trust agent – is nominated to resolve disputes and reverse payments in case of fraud.

    Using multi-signature ensures that the trust agent never has full control over the funds and cannot take them to himself. In addition, when everything goes well, the funds can be released with no intervention by the trust agent.

  • Trust Marketplace

    We provide a marketplace for arbitration services where trust agents can compete for customers by providing quality dispute resolution services, utilizing their domain expertise, building a reputation and offering competitive fees.

    Because trust agents never hold user funds in escrow, we can greatly reduce compliance costs, lower the entry barriers, encourage competition and allow smaller and specialized players to participate in a way that was never possible before.

  • Open Data & APIs

    Our identity & reputation data is provided via open APIs to be used freely throughout the ecosystem, allowing users to have a standard identity and carry their reputation as they move between markets and services.

    In addition, our API allows third-party services like marketplaces, exchanges and wallets to integrate our payment solution and provide buyer protection and recourse to their 

  • Secure by design

    We take security very seriously and designed Bitrated with a strong focus on security from the grounds up.

    Private keys are solely managed using client-side technology and are never processed on our servers. We secure our servers using the industry's best practices, take security audits on a regular basis and offer a bug bounty program.


Who Are We?

  • Nadav Ivgi, founder - software developer with 14 years of experience, entrepreneur, open source contributor and a Bitcoin enthusiast. Prior to working on Bitrated, Nadav was the CTO at a software development firm specializing in developing management & automation tools for online marketing campaigns, which he co-founded in 2009. (LinkedinGitHubTwitter)

  • Meni Rosenfeld, investor and advisor - Bitcoin researcher and mathematics M.Sc. graduate of the Weizmann Institute of Science that specializes in machine learning. Meni is a leading founding member of the Israeli Bitcoin community and currently serves as the Chairman of the Israeli Bitcoin Association. (Linkedinblogresearch papersvanity thread)

  • Jonathan J. Klinger, Adv., legal advisor - an Israeli attorney specializing in the fields of technology, cyberlaw, information security, privacy, open-source and cryptocurrencies. Also serves as the legal counsel for the Israeli Bitcoin Association, Israel Digital Rights Movement, Hamakor Society for Free Software and numerous other organizations, startups and high-tech companies. (LinkedinTwitterblog)

Contact us

You can reach us here or at